Advancing frontiers by working together

Launched in November 2017, the National Biofilms Innovation Centre will be a central hub where academia, industry, government, and public policy can come together to make great things happen.


Building Connections

Connecting the many universities and companies with interests in biofilms, NBIC is creating a vibrant cross-sectoral community within the UK, providing opportunities for research collaboration and innovation.

Transforming Research

With researchers from multiple institutions using NBIC as a hub, the National Biofilms Innovation Centre brings a truly interdisciplinary approach to break new research frontiers.

Creating Opportunities

NBIC will create impact across diverse fields of application, from medicine to industry, the environment and food security, bridging the gaps between diverse areas in the biofilms arena.

Stimulating Economic Growth

NBIC sees government, industry, and academic partnership as key to delivering the greatest benefits from biofilm research: strategising around research priorities, keeping government policies current, attracting investment, and creating economic growth

Fostering Partnerships

Bringing academics together in a national research hub provides a central place for industry to foster partnerships, whether that be looking for solutions, investing in innovative technologies, or getting access to cutting edge breakthrough science. NBIC will also link biofilm researchers with clinicians to address challenges in healthcare via innovative solutions.

Transformative Results

NBIC aspires to become a pioneer in biofilms research, a trusted source of information on biofilms, and a place for academia, government, industry, and the public to understand the potential and value of biofilms research, both in business and in our lives.

What happens next?

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