1st Annual EBNet Early Career Researcher Conference, 1st-2nd July 2019, Sheffield Hallam University

Showcasing the latest research and innovation from across the UK, this is a conference you should be sure to attend: with a selection of Early Career Researcher (ECR) presentations and posters, opportunities to network across disciplines and a chance to explore the wider world of Environmental Biotechnology in context, it is certain to be both absorbing and enlightening.


EBNet is one of 6 FREE-TO-JOIN Phase II Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy – and a successor network to the original AD Network. The aim of EBNet is thus to develop and strengthen links between advanced molecular and applied microbiology, engineering and systems optimisation to maximise the societal impacts and benefits. Its overall goal is to take fundamental discovery science towards practical application in key areas of the human/environment interface.

EBNet consists of 3 inter-related themes:

  • Pollutants and media, covering both traditional and emerging pollutants
  • Biosciences to engineering to develop and improve technology for pollution control, resource recovery and bioenergy generation
  • Technology interfaces for process integration, techno-economic and sustainability assessment

We invite all ECR researchers and young professionals (YP) working in this field – in whatever discipline – to join us for this entirely FREE 2-day conference. We intend to gather representatives from across the UK to share their research through short presentations and poster sessions amongst their peer group. There are competitions for best abstract, best presentation & best poster, with prizes for the winners.

Included in this FREE 2-day event is a generous bursary to cover travel and accommodation for 2 nights. There is a FREE conference dinner on Monday night and FREE access to both days of the conference. If your abstract is accepted, you will then be asked to register. Full details will be sent to you then. This won’t cost you a penny! If you have any questions, including those on eligibility, please contact Angie and Louise at: EBNet@ebnet.ac.uk.

Join now – it’s free – and do tell your friends & colleagues. See our website http://ebnet.ac.uk/ for up-to- date details on both the ECR conference and membership of the EB Network.

The Call

The Call is aimed at Early Career Researchers/Young Professionals*

The event is designed to mimic larger academic conferences, but in a friendly and relaxed environment amongst peers. Accordingly, we require a brief 300 word abstract to be submitted prior to registration. Deadline for submission is 24th May 2019. Contact us directly for late submissions.

Details of the abstract requirements are separate to this document and available on the website. Please email it to us as a word document at: EBNet@ebnet.ac.uk

Dates to be aware of are:

  • Abstract submission deadline: 24th May 2019
  • Abstract acceptance and invitation to register: 1st week in June 2019
  • Conference: 1-2 July 2019

All delegates must submit an abstract and contribute either by presentation or poster in order to secure a place at the event. We will select presentations from the submitted abstracts and inform delegates that they have secured a place and a poster/presentation position by email by early June. It is still possible to attend if you have just started a PhD; simply provide an abstract on what you plan to do.

ECR Bursary

This will be provided after a place has been offered and accepted. There is a maximum of £100 towards travel and £150 towards accommodation.

*ECR/YP Definition

To be considered an Early Career Researcher for this event, you must be an academic/ postgraduate/post doctorate in a permanent position in a UK institution. This need not be full-time. Applicants at the time of submission:

  1. must have no more than three years’ full-time employment (or the full-time equivalent taking account of career breaks, part-time employment, etc.) at lecturer or equivalent level, and
  2. should not exceed 10 years in active postgraduate research studies and postdoctoral research employment.

To be considered a young professional for this event, you must have been employed, post-graduation, for no more than 3 years outside academia in some form of R&D capacity.

Posters and Presentations

Platform presentations will be in 15 minutes slots, describing your current work, either planned or completed. These will be arranged by theme. On the abstract form, you can state a preference for poster or presentation. Please do not be discouraged if you fail to be offered a presentation slot. It may just be that a particular session is oversubscribed and there will be further opportunities in subsequent years. You will still be asked to provide a poster instead.

There will be attended poster sessions where we ask that you stand beside your poster to answer any questions from other delegates during a break in the sessions. We welcome all submissions relevant to the theme. Posters can be sent in advance for FREE printing. Late posters (less than 2 weeks in advance) will have to be printed at your own cost.