2 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Applied Molecular/Microbial Biology

As a charity PML aims to develop and apply innovative marine science to ensure a sustainable future for our ocean. The impact of our science is far-reaching ranging from highly cited scientific papers, to providing scientific evidence for policy and training the next generation of marine scientists. Through the delivery of our science plan we are also contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals to promote healthy, productive and resilient oceans and seas.

The PML Board of trustees has recently approved the strategic recruitment of two Postdoctoral Research Fellows to bolster PML’s position as a national centre for applied marine research. Working in the life sciences as molecular or microbial biologists, the PDRFs will integrate into PML’s Research Portfolio supporting one or more of the following areas in particular: 1) algal biotechnology; 2) biofilms, biofouling and/or biocorrosion;  3) the development of novel sensors. The ability to exploit ongoing PML group activities (and recent investments) by adding value and impact to the Environmental Single Cell Genomics Facility, the Algal Biotechnology and Innovation facilities, the Centre for Marine Biofouling and Corrosion, Western Channel Observatory and Atlantic Meridional Transect is strongly encouraged. Working with PML and/or PML Applications, as appropriate, and based on a foundation of research excellence, the PDRFs will look to stimulate applied research, exploit new avenues of income and develop the commercial aspects of their research.

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For details about how to apply please email careers@pml.ac.uk.

Closing date: 1200hrs on Wednesday 24th October 2018