NBIC to Present at ACI Skin Microbiome Industry Summit

Promoting the Value of Open Innovation


Our Senior Innovation Consultant, Dr Katerina Steventon will be speaking at the Active Communications International (ACI) Skin Microbiome Industry Summit.

ACI’s summit, will take place from 30-31 March 20201, and will bring together the key actors of the industry to help the industry learn from one another, work together to support growth, and create new business opportunities.

Skincare microbiome products and technologies have been gaining momentum in the last few years with personal care giants either starting to develop their own products or investing in start-ups focusing on such products. Despite huge popularity amongst consumers and early success stories, there is still a need to learn more on topics such as: defining the skin microbiome, formulating products, cosmetics and pharma claims, regulation for novel products, latest advances in terms of mapping & profiling technologies and product testing.

Dr Steventon’s presentation will showcase NBIC expertise to innovative companies who appreciate the value of open innovation, translational research and collaboration between academia and the industry in the area of personal care.

Tickets for this event can be purchased on The Whitmore Group website.