Aerosols and Microbiology: Connecting Disciplines in the Post-pandemic Era, 4-6 June 2024

Join the Microbiology Society for their event ‘Aerosols and Microbiology: Connecting Disciplines in the Post-pandemic Era’ in Bristol from 4-6 June 2024. 

Aerosols and microbiology combined sharply during recent pandemics integrating the interfaces of microbiology, aerobiology, atmospheric sciences and aerosol science.

The conference seeks to bring multiple disciplines together into one space, at the same time, supporting new collaboration across industry, academia within the UK and abroad setting the aerobiology scene for the future.

The conference spans all aspects of aeromicrobiology to connect public health, agriculture, veterinary and biodefence scientists. 

Aerosols and Microbiology

Key topics explore characterisation of bioaerosol source, aerosol transport and transmission, detection, control and mitigations (both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical). Promotion of aerobiological standards provides researchers in the field with background knowledge on the microorganisms, and importantly the impact of physical and chemical aspects of aerosol behaviour.

Organsisers anticipate exciting sessions on emerging topics such as impact of climate and pollution on microorganisms and transmission, the environmental aeromicrobiome, and aerosols as initiators of biofilms. A running theme will be prioritising novel techniques to support expansion of experimental and modelling tools, for example advances in molecular and ‘omic approaches will likely provide step-wise changes in aerobiology understanding.

Registration will open shortly. 

Abstract submission is now open and will close at 23:59 GMT on Monday 4 March 2024.

Both members and non-members of the Microbiology Society are welcome to submit an abstract for the meeting.

All offered talks presentations and posters will be selected from the abstracts submitted. Once submissions are closed, they will be reviewed by the session organisers and submitters will be notified of the outcome from Mid-April 2024. By submitting an abstract to this conference, you are indicating to the session organisers your commitment to attend the event.

Abstracts are welcome for any of the following topics:

  • Sources, control and mitigation of airborne human, veterinary and plant pathogens
  • Atmospheric transport, sampling and detection of microorganisms
  • In vitro and in vivo inhalational and transmission models
  • Omics and aerosols: aeromicrobiome and molecular analysis
  • Impact of climate and pollution on microorganisms and airborne transmission
  • Aerosols and biofilms: formation and dispersal
  • Aerosol standards in microbiological research
  • Novel experimental and modelling techniques and their application to aerobiology and biosafety


  • Richard Thomas (Dstl, UK)
  • Sharon Brookes (APHA, UK)
  • Natalie Garton (The University of Leicester, UK)
  • Simon Clark (UKHSA, UK)
  • Claire Colenutt (Pirbright Institute, UK)
  • Simon Gubbins (Pirbright Institute, UK)

For full details of the event and on submitting your abstract, please visit the Microbiology website.