Watch: Studying and Controlling the Microbiome of the Air Webinar

Our joint webinar ‘Studying and Controlling the Microbiome of the Air’ with the Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE) and Singapore National Biofilm Consortium (SNBC) was designed for anyone in industry and academia with an interest in transmission of bacteria and viruses in both outdoor and built environment and what the evidence is starting to tell us about this field and the future work that is needed.

The webinar featured talks from industry professionals and academics addressing the emerging area of the microbiome of the air and how to investigate and control this environment.

Two of the talks from the webinar are available to watch on this page. 

‘Current challenges of monitoring the microbial quality of air in the built environment’ from Dr Angela Sherry – VC Senior Fellow in the Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment (HBBE) at Northumbria University.

‘The challenges in gaining evaluation and approval  of Citrox as an approach to safely misting to the control the air microbiome’ from Richard Thomas – Managing Director, Citrox Biosciences Ltd, UK and Dr. Linden Leadbetter.