AMiCI online seminar series

This seminar series presented by AMiCI will update interested parties on the challenges for antimicrobial coatings.
Materials that confer antimicrobial activity or design features continue to gain popularity to combat the increasing and varied threats from microorganisms, e.g., replacing inert surfaces in hospitals. However, there are many challenges to overcome to fully understand their potential usefulness and impact.

During this seminar series, AMiCI will discuss some challenges and opportunities for the future of antimicrobial materials, including

  • development of testing methods,
  • potential for bacterial biofilm in this context
  • challenges with regulation and routes to market.

Join AMiCI for these free webinars over Zoom, being delivered on the following dates and times:

Session 1 – Wednesday 17th November – 1pm GMT/ 2pm CET will contain three presentations of 20 minutes each with time for questions:

  • Speaker 1 – Dr Bas Zaat, Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands, a leading expert in Biomaterial-associated infection and novel antimicrobial strategies.
  • Speaker 2 – Dr James Redfern, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, will discuss issues of antimicrobial test methods and how they relate to the real world.
  • Speaker 3 – Dr Patrick Cosemans, Sirris, Belgium, a senior engineer in circular economy coatings will discuss durability assessment of antimicrobial materials.

Session 2 – Wednesday 1st December – 2pm GMT/3pm CET will contain a joint presentation from two world-leaders on biofilm measurement and method development. This talk, titled ‘Biofilms & Aliens: Expanding the biofilm methods paradigm’ will be delivered by:

  • Speaker 4 – Prof Darla Goeres, Center for Biofilm, Montana State University, a leading expert in biofilm method development.
  • Speaker 5 – Dr Nuno Filipe Azevedo, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, a leading expert in biofilm method development.

Session 3 – Wednesday 8th December – 10am GMT/11am CET will contain two presentations from leading industry experts relating to the regulatory and market challenges those interested in antimicrobial materials may face.

  • Speaker 6 – Dr. Simone Schulte, Head of Microbial Effects at Evonik, Germany will discuss routes to market .
  • Speaker 7 – Mr Peter Askew, IMSL, UK, considered an authority on regulatory issues with regards to antimicrobial materials will discuss present and future approaches.

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If you have any questions, please get in touch with James Redfern, Manchester Met University.