Watch: Baby Skin and the Microbiome Webinar

Our fourth joint webinar with Cosmetics Cluster UK (CCUK) took place in March 2022 and brought together academic and industry expertise to focus on personal care innovation in the area of infant and baby care with a focus on skin microbiome.

The webinar took a broader approach to encompass all possible R&D developments in gentle formulations and mildness testing, sustainable ingredient trends and baby skin/microbiome biology, and also covered innovation, regulatory aspects and brand/consumer attitudes. Recordings of the talks and presentations are available on this page.




Georgios Stamatas – Research Associate Director, Essential Health Translational Science, Johnson & Johnson

Talk title – Infant Skin Barrier Maturation and Infant Skin Microbiome.

Dr Georgios Stamatas has over 20 years of industry and academic experience as Biomedical Engineer in fundamental and translational research. His areas of interest focus on understanding skin physiology and topical product effects. He also develops in silico, in vitro and clinical methods and models with applications in dermatology. His research on the differences between pediatric and adult skin and has transformed our understanding of newborn and baby skin maturation. Dr. Stamatas holds a PhD in Chemical/Biomedical Engineering and has more than 100 scientific publications and patents to his credit.

Carol Treasure – Founder & CEO, XCellR8

Talk title – “A walk on the mild side” XtraMild: an in vitro skin test for baby care products. 

XCellR8 is an animal-free testing laboratory. XCellR8 conduct regulatory in vitro safety and efficacy tests for global cosmetic companies and ingredient manufacturers. Carol founded XCellR8 in 2008 with a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to 100% animal-free testing and the company’s work has been recognised at a regulatory level by the OECD and by top funding bodies such as Innovate UK and Horizon 2020. Carol holds a first degree in Physiology and Pharmacology from the University of Sheffield, and a PhD from the FRAME Alternatives Laboratory at University of Nottingham, based on skin cell biology and reconstructed skin models for cosmetics testing. She has devoted her career to using innovative science to replace animal testing over the past 25 years.

James Daybell – Head of Marketing, Oat Cosmetics

Talk title – Aiding the Microbiome – Pre-, Pro- and Post-biotics in Baby Care.

James Daybell studied Marketing at the University of Leeds and has spent the past 7 years at natural, oat-derived, personal care ingredient manufacturer Oat Cosmetics, leading the Marketing department as Head of Marketing. James is passionate about ingredients and brands, which combine efficacy with sustainability and social responsibility. He has helped Oat Cosmetics expand through key partnerships and promoted the field to face mentality of the company on a global scale – field to face being the ability to track a raw material down to the very farm on which it was grown.

Chris Gummer – Company Director, Cider Solutions Ltd

Talk title – Can you claim anything about the skin microbiome in “normal” skin?

After 21 years as a senior technologist and Research Fellow with Procter & Gamble Beauty Care R&D, Chris established his own consultancy in 2006. His experience ranges from fundamental research, hands-on development of data and methods, through to copy development and product credentialing. He is a leading expert and has extensive experience in copy claim development and claim substantiation with some of the world’s leading consumer brands. Importantly, he has unique experience in working with Clearcast and the ASA from the position of an advertiser and is a consultant for Clearcast and the ASA covering a very wide range of product categories. In addition he has extensive experience in innovation and ideation techniques, along with identifying external connections for product development. He currently consults for a range of FMCG, raw material suppliers and pharmaceutical companies covering a very broad spectrum of product categories.

Expert Panel Session

Market Overview

Jane Evison – Director, Cosmetics Cluster UK

Expert Panel Session

  • Chaired by Kirsty Mawhinney – Director, Cosmetics Cluster UK
  • Gudrun Wurm – Founder and Director, Little Butterfly London
  • Emma Nash – Founder, Tiddley Pom Natural Baby Spa and Aromatherapy Shed
  • Chris Gummer – Company Director, Cider Solutions Ltd

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