Biofilms-Interview of Co-Director Miguel Cámara

Prof Miguel Cámara, Co-Director at the Centre for Biomolecular Science.
Copyright Picture for the University of Nottingham by Andrew Hallsworth.

Miguel Cámara is Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Co-Director of the National Biofilm Innovations Centre, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. In an interview recently he expressed his vision for future talents needed for biofilms research. The next generation of PhD students, Professor Cámara said, will need to work across disciplines so they can integrate microbiology, chemistry, physics and other areas of knowledge. Understanding all these different ‘languages’ will be essential, he says – because multidisciplinary discovery is at the core of biofilm research.  “Biofilms are very complex in nature and to be able to study them in different environments you need to bring a lot of disciplines together.” Professor Cámara  said, “NBIC allows us to do that, bringing complementary fields of expertise together so that we can tackle complex issues and maximise our progress across different areas.”

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