Biomaterials Chemistry Annual Conference, 9th-11th January 2019, Liverpool

Theme: Biomaterials Chemistry Annual Conference 2019

Place: The Stanley Theatre at the University Of Liverpool

Time: 9-11 January, 2019

For more information and application, please see the event page here.

The annual RSC Biomaterials chemistry meeting brings together researchers from across the UK and internationally, working to advance knowledge and focus on biomaterial chemistry research and development.

The event aims to enhance the understanding of the chemistries underlying the use of biomaterials in applications including antimicrobial surfaces, drug delivery and regenerative medicine.  The focus of this years meeting is Ant-Infective Materials and Device Related Infections, Biomaterials for Therapeutic Delivery, Biomaterials for Tissue Induction and Regenerative Medicine and Bioresponsive Surfaces.

Currently, plenary speakers are Professor Robert Hancock (University of British Columbia, Canada), Professor John Fisher (Leeds), Professor Graham Leggett (University of Sheffield) and Professor Rasmita Raval (University of Liverpool).