CosmosID Microbiome Webinar, 5th May 2020

Standards for the Microbiome and Metagenomics

Tuesday 5 May at 17:00pm CET

In CosmosID‘s latest webinar, Scott Jackson from the National Institute of Standards will discuss the latest plans for standardisation across the entire microbiome workflow in order to generate high quality data to fast track translational applications.

In spite of the huge potential impact of microbiome science, current measurement capabilities are insufficient, particularly for translating discoveries and correlations observed in the lab into commercially viable products and services that improve our quality of life. Data are difficult to compare between experimenters, laboratories, or institutions. Emerging capabilities (e.g., next generation sequencing, metabolomics) are new and not fully characterised for microbiome investigations.

Reference samples (i.e., for calibration or quality control) that mimic the complexity of naturally occurring communities are not available. Bioinformatic analysis packages and reference databases remain incomplete. In this webinar Scott will discuss how we can improve standards to confidently sequence the microbiome.

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