CosmosID webinar: Unlocking the Oral Microbiome, 30th June 2020

Tuesday 30 June 2020 at 17:00pm CET


A wide variety of sites in the mouth are colonized by complex, diverse and site-specific microbial communities that form through sequential and specific interactions, with populations shaped by the source of colonising organisms and by host-microbe as well as microbe-microbe interactions.  

Application of “omics” technologies has enabled comprehensive characterisation of these communities and their collective genomes, the oral microbiome, in health and disease.  The most common oral diseases are consequences of a shift from a balanced, homeostatic microbial community (normobiosis) to a dysbiotic community characterized by an increase in abundance of pathogenic species that are otherwise found in low numbers in health. 

Oral biofilms are the best characterised (and accessible) complex biofilms of relevance to human health and disease, and numerous models exist for their in vitro and in situ study.  Caries and periodontal disease are amongst the most common human infectious diseases, with significant impacts on quality of life and huge economic cost worldwide. Periodontitis has also been linked to systemic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

In this CosmosID webinar, you will get an introduction to the oral microbiome, considerations for metagenomics in oral microbiome studies and two real-world case studies :

Case study 1: Modelling and modulating the oral microbiome: Temple’s subgingival microbiome model.

Case study 2: The oral microbiome in health and disease: the oral microbiome associated with risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

CosmosID will be joined by three experts to talk about how to bring oral microbiome science into the 21st Century. 

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