COVID-19: Adapting workplaces and protecting workers

EU guidance for a safe return to the workplace


As your organisation or team starts to plan a return to either office, labs or manufacturing, then a way of thinking about risk and contamination more familiar in a GMP manufacturing environment becomes something we must all consider.

The EU has posted some excellent guidance on this and the UK Health and Safety Executive has provided guidance on measures you can take to help you carry on working safely during the outbreak. The website has an excellent document called Working safely during COVID-19 in labs and research facilities” which is particularly valuable for the research and development community

There are also commercial organisations such as DNV GL, IWFM, SMSE and many others providing infection risk management solutions who can provide information and if necessary work alongside you and help you in providing a structured approach to considering this challenge relevant to your work setting and context.

We share these links and sources with our partners in the interest of awareness.