Donate to the Mark Shirtliff Biofilm Foundation

It was announced at the recent Eurobiofilms 2019 meeting in Glasgow that a foundation has been set up in honour of the late Mark E. Shirtliff, PhD.

Dr Shirtliff was a Professor in the Department of Microbial Pathogenesis in the School of Dentistry at University of Maryland, Baltimore with a secondary appointment as Professor in the School of Medicine. Until his very untimely death in July 2018, Dr. Shirtliff continued his research and teaching interests in biofilms and had many successful graduate students and Post-Docs who moved on to form their own research groups. He was also a past winner of the prestigious BioMaryland LIFE Award for his work in Staph aureus vaccines. He was widely known and respected by the global biofilm community. The trust is intended to support educational activities, support biofilm conferences around the world, and support the overall advancement of knowledge in the biofilm field. Please consider donating to the fund and its valuable goals in honour and memory of Dr Shirtliff.