Eurobiofilms 2019 – NBIC Highlights

Last week the NBIC team attended the Eurobiofilms 2019 meeting in Glasgow. This was the first meeting we’d attended as a full NBIC team with our shiny new brand, stand and information and what an it amazing chance for us to meet our current partners and make new contacts.

We also had the honour to present at the final session on Friday 6th September 2019 and it was wonderful to see so many people in the auditorium nationally and internationally wanting to hear about what we do, how we do it and importantly why we do it! We are very proud that the UK is leading the way with a community like NBIC thanks to the support of our funders and the full support of the UK science and industry network. A number of other representatives from other countries approached us to discuss about doing something similar.

NBIC Sponsors and Funders. Image courtesy of Goode Photography.

The majority of the NBIC team. Image courtesy of Goode Photography.

NBIC Operations Director, Jo-Slater Jefferies, courtesy of Goode Photography.

Like the other sponsors and exhibitors we engaged fully with the meeting and where made to feel very at home and welcomed by everyone.

Gordon Ramage and the Glasgow team had put on a great meeting in terms of the programme and location and events. The weather they couldn’t fix!

There were some key themes arising from the sessions, be they the keynotes or the posters and one tweet from Tom Coenye summarised very well in terms of my reflections after the initial keynotes.

“If it looks like a biofilm and behaves like a biofilm, it probably should be considered as such. Are clusters of bacteria biofilms? Are formal definitions of biofilm too restrictive? Does the five-stage biofilm model still hold true?”

The poster sessions where lively, the innovative elevator pitch session fun and I learnt such a lot and met so many new people. We added over 50 new contacts and more than 60 new Twitter followers and others are registering each day.

Thank you to everyone who came and spoke to us and engaged with us – we loved meeting you all.

For me I left on a high, elated and inspired and glad to be part of this international community. I know the whole team felt the same.

Roll on Eurobiofilms 2021 in Mallorca!

Mark Richardson, CEO

Opening of Eurobiofilms 2019, courtesy of Goode Photography.

Our Project Manager, Jing Lin, engaging with attendees. Image courtesy of Goode Photography.