Governance & Advisory Boards

Our governance and advisory boards provide NBIC with guidance and advice on the direction of the centre and challenge the team. It is through regular face-to-face or online meetings that our governance and advisory bodies help NBIC to set out strategic direction and foundation for our research and outreach activities.

Non-Executive Board

NBIC has established a Non-Executive Board of external members, which includes representatives from the NBIC’s funders, International Science Advisory Board and Industrial Advisory Board. The Non-Executive Board’s role is to guide the strategic direction and development of NBIC as well as having oversight of the operation and management of NBIC and the implementation of the Consortium Agreement. All Board members are bound by Terms of Reference, which outlines their roles and responsibilities.

Executive Management Team (EMT)

The Executive Management Team (EMT) role is to have executive and overall management responsibility of NBIC. The Terms of Reference outlines their roles and responsibilities, which includes the delivery of NBIC’s Mission and Vision, and in consultation with the International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB), the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) and the Scientific Management Board (SMB), approve the Scientific Strategy of NBIC.

Industrial Advisory Board

Business leaders from multinational companies and SMEs have been recruited to the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) on the basis of their experience and knowledge of the biofilms industry across the identified strategic sectors. The Terms of Reference outlines their roles and responsibilities, which include advising the Executive Management Team (EMT) on the development of NBIC, the industrial engagement strategy for NBIC, NBIC funding calls and the commercial exploitation of the results of the research conducted through NBIC. Members of the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) have been asked to enter into an appropriate written confidentiality agreement to protect the confidentiality of the information disclosed to them in respect of NBIC.

Science Management Board

This group comprises of the four Co-Directors of NBIC and the Operations Director. Other Scientists from NBIC Partner Institutions may be co-opted to the SMB for a period specified by the SMB or asked to join single SMB meetings. The SMB’s role is to make recommendations to the EMT on the scientific direction together with NBIC’s strategy and the annual Programme Proposal (projects under the Strategic Themes of Prevent, Detect, Manage and Engineer).

International Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific leaders from international institutions have been brought together to test and challenge the scientific strategy of NBIC and its delivery and implementation in the context of the international development of the field. They advise the EMT on the opportunities for exploitation of the scientific profile and advances made by the centre.

Operational Management Group

The Operational Management Group (OMG) ensure the effective management of NBIC and work closely with the Parties’ respective financial, contract, intellectual property management and technology transfer functions to streamline the initiation of projects and any commercialisation activity. The Terms of Reference outlines their roles and responsibilities. They support the EMT and SMB in the delivery of NBIC’s strategy and establish the necessary operational procedures to ensure it effective execution.

The Public Engagement & Outreach Committee are also part of OMG, and involve representatives from the four core lead universities.

Meet The Team

Our team of Directors and Operational Management Group are on hand to execute NBIC’s strategy whilst our dedicated Interdisciplinary Research Fellows work to deliver NBIC’s complex research.

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