HGF Webinar: Attracting Big Pharma to the Microbiome Field, 8th July 2020

HGF Partners Craig Thomson and Dr Andrew Wells will be presenting a webinar hosted by Arrowhead Publishers on ‘Attracting Big Pharma to the Microbiome Field’ on Wednesday 8 July at 1PM (CDT), where the presenters will discuss:


  • the advantages and disadvantages of engaging with Big Pharma
  • what attracts Big Pharma and broadly at the options open in the microbiome field
  • “Drugs from bugs” (bio-active molecules derived from bacteria), “Bugs as drugs” (therapeutic bacteria and phage with combinations of such from single strain to FMT), “Bugs for drugs” (the use of bacteria as adjuvant technology for enhancing “conventional” therapeutics)
  • hints and tips for those preparing to pitch their technology to one of the Big Pharma

HGF Partner Craig Thomson will be chairing a discussion between HGF Partner Dr Andrew Wells and Executive Director and Head of Investigational Biology at Merck‘s Exploratory Science Center (ESC), who both have direct experience of what Big Pharma look for in emerging technologies.

For mote information visit the HGF website.