International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation Symposium (IBBS18), 6-9 September, Montana USA

IBBS18 – Microbes, Man and the Environment: Societal Challenges and the Role of Microorganisms in the Anthropocene


6-9 September 2021 – Bozeman, Montana, USA

Registration closes: 3 September 2021


Sessions at the conference will reflect on the importance of biodeterioration and biodegradation sciences and communication over the past 5 decades, and projection of the role of IBBS into the future.

NBIC are participating in the roundtable session below on considering the role of regulatory standards in biofilm research and innovation.


Roundtable session: Closing the gap: the role of regulatory standards in biofilm research and industry innovation

This roundtable session will offer a set of (hopefully controversial!) industrial and academic perspectives on the importance of standard biofilm test methods. Case studies will focus on the need for biofilm methods in the oil and gas industry, the advantages and disadvantages of a standard test method versus best practices guidelines, and how regulatory hurdles are placing constraints on biofilm technology development and innovation. There will also be an opportunity to submit questions for discussion in advance of the session through a pre-questionnaire. Session organisers: Darla Goeres, Scott Wade, Jeremy Webb (NBIC) & International Biofilm Standards Task Group.

The IBBS18 programme includes 10 oral sessions and numerous poster displays, covering the following themes:

  • Fate of spilled oil

  • Biofilm interactions with coatings and surfaces

  • Biodegradation of anthropogenic compounds

  • Microbially influenced corrosion

  • Anaerobic processes – from the lab to the field

  • Biodeterioration and preservation in art, archaeology and architecture

  • Field molecular methods for biodegradation and biodeterioration communities

  • Biodeterioration by Eukaryotes

  • Biodeterioration of fuels and fuel system components

  • Next generation of materials to prevent biodeterioration

Register to attend via the IBBS8 website.