KTN Microbiome SIG – Webinar series

Faced with postponing a number of their planned events, the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)’s Microbiome SIG team decided to host a webinar series for their community.

These webinars work to promote the people, technology, research and innovations currently taking place in the UK. So far we’ve heard from a variety of different speakers. Keep an eye on the KTN Events page for more information!

Webinar recordings include:

  • Jenny Bailey founder of UK-based startup, Ferryx. Ferryx is a microbiome startup working on developing bacterial strains with the ability to survive and thrive during active GI inflammation, in both humans and animals.
  • Dr Mark Webber, Group Leader at Quadram Institute, presented a new tool for microbiome research, with wide ranging applications – TraDIS-Xpress.
  • Biologist & CEO, David Weinkove of Magnitude Biosciences, a unique CRO that uses the nematode C. elegans to achieve whole organism animal outputs at a fraction of the time and cost of rodent experiments.
  • Jethro Johnson, Deputy Director of the Oxford Centre for Microbiome Studies (OCMS) to discuss the role of 16S in microbiome studies.