MedTech and healthcare enterprises: How attractive are you to investment?, 21 July 2021

Wednesday 21 July 2021, 9:30-11:00am via Zoom

When preparing your business for investment, understanding the important legal considerations should be a key element of your planning process.

Medtech SME’s account for almost half of the total number of life sciences SMEs in the UK and are meeting the world’s important healthcare challenges. Taking steps early to strengthen the businesses position and corporate structure can accelerate later progress increasing attractiveness to investors. How you plan, manage and protect your ideas should also be a crucial feature of your business planning and the future of your brand, with an understanding on the significant value your intellectual property rights can bring to support investment including exit.

Gaining an understanding of all these areas specifically to the sector will help to increase the business value, save time, money and resources all ensuring a smooth transaction.

In this webinar, Clarion will walk through the general legal rules that apply to your business, how to fulfil your duties, and avoid the common pitfalls in the investment space. Clarion will introduce you to, and familiarise you with important documents and explain areas to consider as you approach and prepare for investment.

The event will include SMEs sharing their investor success stories and provide you with a chance to learn from their experiences.

View the event flyer for further details, and for details of the speakers.

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