MIC STAND, 24-26 July 2024

The MIC-STAND 2024 hybrid meeting, hosted by the University of Lisboa will take place 24-26 July 2024 in Portugal. 

This hybrid meeting is prepared to be an encouraging exploration of challenges and breakthroughs in Microbially Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Mitigation, with a core mission to foster dynamic discussions within the expansive MIC community, bringing together young researchers, high-level scientists, industry stakeholders, policymakers, and regulators.

The focal point of discussions will span the entire spectrum of MIC Mitigation, covering Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Mitigation.

Beyond the exchange of ideas, this meeting aspires to be a catalyst for innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly strategies in the battle against MIC. The goal is to translate these strategies into practical, real-world applications that make a tangible impact.



Our Biofilms Standards and Regulatory Programme Manager, Dr Paulina Rakowska will be speaking at this event.

View all of the speakers. 



The deadline for paper submissions is set for 17 May 2024.

Participants are encouraged to share their groundbreaking work and contribute to the vibrant exchange of ideas that will undoubtedly enrich the collective knowledge of the community.

You can participate in person or via online.

Present In-Person: This meeting offers a physical attendance option for your convenience.   Participants can present their work on campus as an Oral or Poster presentation.

Attend Online: This meeting provides an online attendance option for your convenience. Online participants can share their work on the MIC-STAND Website in the form of a Poster presentation. 

To register and submit your absract, please visit the MIC STAND website.