Microbiome Connect: Gut Therapeutics Europe 2021, 7th – 8th December 2021

Highlighting the Latest Clinical Research and Innovation in the Gut Microbiome Therapeutics Field

Live biotherapeutic products are progressing through the clinic with purpose, but as microbiome targeting therapeutics move closer to commercialization, key regulatory, manufacturing and supply chain challenges become apparent. 


At the Microbiome Connect: Gut Therapeutics Europe event, you will find solutions to these challenges and more.

If you are trying to understand the gut microbiome on a metabolic, mechanistic level in order to develop small molecule, single strain or consortia, join the Microbiome Connect expert speaking faculty of academic and industry leaders as they share the latest pre/clinical data or upskill your manufacturing capabilities to meet clinical and market demand. Join Microbiome Connect for two full days of innovation, discussion, and networking opportunities to further develop your knowledge and business opportunities in the gut microbiome therapeutics field.

“This event is a unique gathering of individuals from academia and industry who are collaborating to advance microbiome science. Kisaco has gone out of their way to include speakers and perspectives not found elsewhere. I look forward to attending again.”

– KC Microbiome Communications Group
Tickets for this event will be launching soon, so please visit the Kisaco Research website for more information.