NBIC Accession 3rd Wave – 14 New Research Institutions join our Consortium

The team along with the relevant members of our research partner’s organisations have completed our 3rd wave of accession to NBIC and we are excited that an additional 14 research institutions are joining NBIC. This will bring us to 45 members in total! We warmly welcome all our new members.

We are proud to have such a broad, collaborative and supportive community, all of whom are aiming to move ahead with industry in the exploitation of strengths in biofilm research to the benefit of the UK.

Our 14 new joiners are:

  1. British Geological Survey ​
  2. Cranfield University​
  3. Loughborough University​
  4. Queen Mary University of London / BARTS​
  5. University of Bradford ​
  6. University of Bristol ​
  7. University of Huddersfield ​
  8. University of York ​
  9. University of Aston
  10. University of East Anglia
  11. Aberystwyth University
  12. Heriot-Watt University
  13. The Court of Edinburgh Napier University
  14. King’s College London


We are now 45 Research Institutions:


Image of King’s College London.