NBIC joins Campden BRI

We’re delighted to announce that we have joined Campden BRI as an Associate Institute Member.


Campden BRI is a hub of science technology and information services with over 2,500 member companies in 80 countries; providing practical scientific, technical and regulatory support to the food and drink industry.

We believe our membership will provide us with assured and rapid access to current knowledge and expertise in the highly innovative food and drink industry, allowing us to remain better informed about the needs in our sector, to participate in training and engage directly with key expertise in addressing industry related problems and needs identified via our partners. This connection could also provide us with the opportunity to be co-opted onto Member Interest Groups (MIGs) on microbiology.


At NBIC, we aim to understand the unmet needs in the Prevention Detection Management and Engineering of Biofilms across a range of sectors and food is a critical one. Together with our Industry Advisory Board (IAB), we have prioritised this sector due to the criticality of maintaining microbial security from farm to fork, the emerging evidence base around the impact of diet on the human gut microbiome, and the potential that microbial communities may offer in enhancing food production.