Online Forum: Co-infections in COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, researchers at the University of Birmingham have set up an online forum to discuss findings relating to co-infections and secondary infections.


The forum’s aim is to help create a research community around secondary infections and co-infections in Covid-19. These are often important in acute respiratory infections, but there are few details emerging on the topic during the pandemic.

As there is little information, researchers hope that by creating a forum for discussion, it will help to create some momentum that will lead to opportunities to increase research and improve outcomes for patients.

  • The forum is aimed at researchers and clinicians actively researching or interested in secondary infections and co-infections.
  • It is for discussion of publications, sharing ideas, protocols, data and information about co-infections.
  • It is for encouraging collaborations and hopefully having an impact on secondary infections and co-infections beyond the pandemic.

Visit the Co-infections in COVID-19 forum to sign up and get involved in the discussion.