NBIC Launch Marketplace Portal

NBIC are pleased to announce the launch of their new Marketplace Portal, hosted by Innoget.

Biofilms are central to our most important global challenges, from antimicrobial resistance and food safety to water security, and exert significant economic, social and environmental impact. Through their workshops and partner searches, NBIC address these challenges by connecting industry and academic partners to establish new connections, enable groundbreaking biofilm research and translation of the outcomes into solutions that meet unmet industry need.

With the launch of the new portal on NBIC’s website, industry and academic partners will have exclusive access to directly post technology calls and technology offers, respond to other member’s postings and generate connections and collaboration opportunities online. Partners will also have a choice to access to Innoget’s Open Science and Innovation network of over a hundred thousand experts to further explore collaborations outside of NBIC’s partner consortium. 

Dr Mark Richardson, NBIC CEO said,

“We have found that the connecting of academic and industry partners to pair problem and solution, opportunity and need, has been one of the most valued parts of what we can offer our partners. This new platform will allow partners to seamlessly share opportunities and make direct connections with other partners in a fast and secure environment”.

Jordi Ràfols, Innoget CEO said,

“We are very proud to support NBIC in the deployment of its technology transfer digitalization strategy by providing our Open Innovation software, the InnogetCloud, and project implementation capabilities. It is a great opportunity to work with NBIC team to link our networks towards the creation of a joint innovation ecosystem aimed at fostering cooperation between academics and external technology and industry partners in a very diverse fields of market applications”.

Our webinar with Innoget, focused on the benefits of Open Innovation, whilst highlighting the portal’s key features. We encourage you to watch the webinar recording if you are interested in sharing opportunities and making direct connections with other partners in a fast and secure environment. 

Visit the NBIC Marketplace Portal

Visit the Innoget website to read Mark Richardson’s ‘Innovation Insider’ interview with Innoget.