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A 2023 economic review, from Black Kite Ltd, highlights a number of significant impacts following the £16m investment from BBSRC and Innovate UK into NBIC between December 2017 and December 2022, demonstrating a total impact of approximately £204m that extends throughout the UK economy. 

Our Proof of Concept projects have demonstrated environmental and social benefits, estimated at £23m and £30.5m, respectively. 

A key outcome found in the economic review is job creation, with fifty-one positions established, including secondments, research posts, and jobs at spin-out companies. Furthermore, our influence has contributed to the creation and development of an additional fifty jobs. NBIC has been instrumental in nurturing talent, with seventy-six students benefiting from support, including sixty-six PhD candidates, six of whom are international students. 

Our core universities (Edinburgh, Liverpool, Nottingham and Southampton) have attracted an additional £32.9m of public and private funds, which is estimated to have an economic output of almost £43m so far, with a greater economic value still to be realised as the additional research funds are used. In addition, clusters of biofilm activity within the regions of the NBIC associated universities have attracted further public and industry funding, with an estimated total impact of £8.1m. 

We have established international partnerships with renowned institutions such as the Centre for Biofilm Engineering in Montana and the Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering and have played a leading role in forming the International Biofilm Standards Task Group. More information on these initiatives can be found in the next section of this report. 

The further £7.5m investment from BBSRC and Innovate UK will enable NBIC to drive the adoption of innovative solutions across industry sectors to address major global challenges including climate change, water safety and improved healthcare. It will also drive step-changes in standards and regulation for novel biofilm solutions that support international trade. 

UKRI commissioned an independent review into the IKC programme to gain an understanding of the programme’s impact to date, feedback on the scheme and recommendations for future evolution, which evidences further NBIC’s contribution to research and innovation in the UK. 

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