Exploiting Our Strength in Biofilm Research

Science is often considered a ‘soft power’ of a country, which builds more on the ability to attract and persuade than to coerce, even though science has often been used in the development of a countries’ ‘hard power’ capabilities (e.g. military technologies). ‘Policy’ is a principle or course of action adopted by an organisation or individual. Policy is useful when you are answering questions, future gazing and looking to ground the advice that you give, linking government, researchers and the public.

What are biofilms?

Our Influence in the Public Sphere

NBIC formulated a working group, comprising members of the Executive Management Team and the Operational Management Group, to pursue our strategic priority of progressing NBIC’s influence in the public sphere. 

NBIC foresees fully exploiting our strength in biofilm research to advance its reputation both nationally and internationally. Fostering and facilitating science cooperation in the area of biofilms (e.g NBIC’s role in the International Biofilms Standards Task Group alongside the US, Singapore, Australia and EU partners) helps to promote a truly Global Britain through science diplomacy. 

Past Inquiries and Consultations 

  • My Science Inquiry 2022: This inquiry invites proposals on what the (then) Commons Science and Technology Committee should investigate next and why, including what action is needed from the Government. Previous inquiries were held in 2017 and 2019 and gathered over 160 inquiry ideas. Six organisations were invited to give oral evidence in the 2022 round. NBIC’s CEO, Professor Jo Slater-Jefferies, did so on NBIC’s behalf on in October 2022. Although NBIC’s pitch was not chosen for further investigation by the Committee, a complementary pitch on bacteriophages has been taken forward. NBIC is heavily involved in the KTN Phage Innovation Network, where we have representation on the advisory panel. The recording of the session can be found on the UK Parliament website.
  • KTN-NBIC Workshop and consultation on Biofilms: In February 2018, the Knowledge Transfer Network hosted an Innovate UK funded workshop, with the aim of engaging widely with industrial and research sectors to capture common industrial challenges and needs, helping to further shape the short-term and long-term strategy for industrial pre- and post-competitive research in biofilms. NBIC participated in this national consultation. A workshop report can be downloaded here.

Memberships to committees, advisory panels and learned societies

  • Specialist Advisory Group on Waste Sector Greenhouse Gas Emissions – NBIC Edinburgh Co-Director, Professor Cait MacPhee.  
  • Liverpool City Region Innovation Board – NBIC Liverpool Co-Director, Professor Rasmita Raval. 
  • UK-Singapore Strategic Partnership dialogue – NBIC Nottingham Co-Director, Professor Miguel Cámara; NBIC Liverpool Co-Director, Professor Rasmita Raval; NBIC CEO, Professor Jo Slater-Jefferies; NBIC Southampton Co-Director, Professor Jeremy Webb; NBIC Edinburgh Co-Director, Professor Cait MacPhee.
  • Soil Association Exchange – NBIC Southampton Co-Director, Professor Jeremy Webb.

What are biofilms?

Interested in Working with Us?

If youre interested in working with us or learning more about our biofilm standardisation initiatives, please contact our NBIC Edinburgh Coordinator, Ines Foidl.

NBIC ines foidl

Ines Foidl

NBIC Edinburgh Coordinator

Ines works with academics to provide administrative and strategic support to the NBIC Edinburgh team and works on matters relating to public and policy engagement for NBIC at large.