Pre-Accelerator Workshop – 9th-11th July 2019, Alderley Park

Want to create a business from your ideas?

If you have a life science/healthcare business idea you wish to explore, then this workshop is the perfect place to start. The Alderley Park Pre-Accelerator Workshop will allow you to:

  • Evaluate your business concept
  • Stress test your current company product, services and business model
  • Learn from industry experts, mentors and dedicated coaches
  • Apply for the place on the Alderley Park Aceelerator Programme where you will fully shape and validate your business model and be introduced to investors

This Pre-Accelerator Workshop welcomes individuals and teams with just a spark of an idea, through to those with fully formed companies looking to launch new innovations, so be sure to attend and get momentum and guidance on your next steps.

The Alderley Park Pre-Accelerator Workshop and Accelerator Programme are free of charge. 

Alderley Park

Alderley Park
Congleton Road
Nether Alderley
SK10 4TG