Imperial College London – Partner University

For inquiries, please contact Professor Alain Filloux:

Department of Life Sciences 

Department of Chemistry

Research Areas & Focuses

  1. Molecular Microbiology of Biofilm formation, Dispersal.
  2. Bacterial communication, chemotaxis and signalling.
  3. Bacterial persistence and resistance
  4. Structural Biology and Bacterial adhesins
  5. Modelling of biofilm organisation and Theoretical System Biology
  6. Chemical Biology, synthetic chemistry and drug discovery
  7. Synthetic biology


  1. Microscopy at FILM
  2. Structural Biology and NMR suite
  3. Computing and Data analysis
  4. Cat2 and Cat3 Molecular Microbiology
  5. Synthetic Biology Hub


Prof Alain Filloux
Prof Steve Matthews
Dr Robert Endres
Prof Mark Isalan
Dr Anna Barnard
Prof Peter Nixon
Dr Kostantinos Beis