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Research Areas & Focuses

  1. Quorum sensing signalling (gene regulation/analytical chemistry/biosensors)
  2. Mechanisms of biofilm formation
  3. Anticrobial target discovery
  4. Drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, structural biology
  5. Biofilm models (synthetic surfaces, skin/wound)/polymicrobial/static flow
  6. Biofilm host cell interactions
  7. Advanced microscopy
  8. High throughput polymer discovery and surface chemical analysis
  9. In vivo infection animal imaging (catheter, lung, thigh infection/antimicrobial testing)


  • Super-resolution  microscopy with cofocal
  • ToF-SIMS, 3D OrbiSIMS
  • Animal Imaging (Class 2) IVIS, nanoPET-CT, nanoSPET-CT
  • High througput screening robots


Miguel Cámara
Paul Williams
Morgan Alexander
Jonas Emsley
Michael Stocks
Luisa Martinez-Pomares
Kim Hardie

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School of Life Science
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