Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Liverpool School of Topical Medicine NBIC

Research Areas & Focuses

  1. Biofilm prevention
  2. Biofilm dispersal
  3. 3D printing of biofilm analysis devices
  4. Antimicrobial and antibiofilm devices, coatings and compounds
  5. Microbiology of biofilm formation
  6. AMR and biofilms

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

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Daire Cantillon, Tropical Disease Biology
Aaron Dowling, Tropical Disease Biology
Adam Roberts, Tropical Disease Biology

3D Printing the Liverpool Biofilm Device

The Liverpool Biofilm Device is a 3D printed coupon holder that allows us to reproducibly determine biofilm formation, prevention and eradication on any material within any liquid and allows us to include the air – liquid – solid interface.

Liverpool Biofilm Device in operation

Testing Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm formation on metal coupons using the Liverpool Biofilm Device.