Queen’s University Belfast

Research Areas & Focuses

  1. Biofilm Control
  2. Mechanisms of Biofilm Formation
  3. Medicinal Chemistry – Novel Protease targets in biofilm formation (discovery/inhibition)
  4. Non thermal plasmas for biofilm control in health and agriculture
  5. Medical Device Associated Biofilms (urinary tract, VAP)
  6. Antimicrobial Drug Discovery from Extreme Halophiles
  7. Biofilm Bioinformatics – Metagenomic discovery of antimicrobial/antibiofilm agents
  8. Respiartory biofilms (CF) (Including in vivo models)
  9. Archaeal biofilm formation, quorum sensing and QSI
  10. Biofilm models (in vitro, ex vivo, insect models and in vivo)
  11. Biotransformations – Biofilms and Biocatalysis (Pharma), Anaerobic Digestion


For enquiries, please contact Brendan Gilmore.


  • Centre for Plasmas in Agriulture (AgriPlas) (Innovate UK) – plasma jet sources (kINPen), dielectric barrier discharge, plasma-liquid systems, plasma diagnostic suite
  • Advanced Genomics and Informatics CTU
  • Bioimaging (ESEM, TEM,SEM, EVOS, Leica TIRF, SP8-Multi-Photon)
  • Thermal Analysis Suite (DSC, TGA, ITC)
  • Advanced Mass Spectroscopy (TQMS, TQ-S, QToF, QDa(SQ), GC-MS, ambient MS (ASAP, REIMS, DART)