University of Bath

Research Areas & Focuses

  1. Biofilm ecology and evolution
  2. Development of anti-biofilm drugs and novel biofilm disruptors
  3. Molecular mechanisms and regulation of biofilm formation
  4. Biofilm engineering for waste water treatment
  5. Engineering biofilms for bacteria-induced mineral precipitation
  6. The role of sRNAs in biofilm formation
  7. Genomics of biofilm forming strains
  8. Bacterial pathogenesis and medical device associated infection
  9. Crystalline biofilms
  10. Mechanisms of microbial adherence
  11. Development of biofilm models
  12. Biofilm detection and characterisation
  13. Biofouling and novel strategies for biofilm removal
  14. Biofilms in the food industry
  15. Infection responsive materials
  16. Human microbiome


For enquiries, please contact Brian Jones.


  • Microscopy and Analysis suite
  • Milner Genomics Centre
  • Cloud computing infrastructure for microbial bioinformatics
  • Chemical Characterisation and Analysis Facility
  • Models of biofilm formation


Michael Bird, Department of Chemical Engineering
Albert Bolhuis, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology
John Chew, Department of Chemical Engineering
Emma Denham, Department of Biology & Biochemistry
Ana Lanham, Department of Chemical Engineering
Susanne Gebhard, Department of Biology & Biochemistry
Toby Jenkins, Department of Chemistry
Brian Jones, Department of Biology & Biochemistry
Maisem Laabei, Department of Biology and Biochemistry
Andrew Preston, Department of Biology & Biochemistry
Sam Sheppard, Department of Biology & Biochemistry