University of Birmingham

Research Areas & Focuses

  1. Mathematical modelling of biofilms, including individual-based modelling, microbial populationdynamics, and computational fluid dynamics
  2. Oral biofilms – modelling, imaging, host-pathogen interaction, multispecies oral biofilms, surface coatings for prevention of oral biofilms
  3. Wound decontamination and healing
  4. Engineering biofilms for beneficial applications
  5. Managing industrial biofilms
  6. Synthetic polymers to manage biofilms
  7. Antibiofilm treatments
  8. Use of nanoparticles for biofilm imaging and removal
  9. MRI for biofilm imaging
  10. High throughput biofilm screening
  11. Biofilms in rivers

University of Birmingham

For enquiries, please contact Jan Kreft.


Manuel Banzhaf, School of Biosciences
Melanie Britton, School of Chemistry
Josette Camilleri, School of Dentistry
Iain Chapple, School of Dentistry
Adam Cunningham, Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy
Francisco Fernandez-Trillo, School of Chemistry
Peter Fryer, School of Chemical Engineering
Melissa Grant, School of Dentistry
Ruchi Gupta, School of Chemistry
Josefine Hirschfeld, School of Dentistry
Sara Jabbari, School of Mathematics
Jan Kreft, School of Biosciences
Sarah Kuehne, School of Dentistry
Mark Ledger, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Pete Lund, School of Biosciences
Paula Mendes, School of Chemical Engineering
Mike Milward, School of Dentistry
Tim Overton, School of Chemical Engineering
Will Palin, School of Dentistry
Zoe Pikramenou, School of Chemistry
Greg Sambrook Smith, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Rachel Sammons, School of Dentistry
Damien Walmsley, School of Dentistry
Qianxi Wang, School of Mathematics
Jason Zhang, School of Chemical Engineering