University of Cambridge

Research Areas & Focuses

  1. Biofilms and antimicrobial resistance
  2. Biophysical properties of biofilms
  3. Biofilms in human disease
  4. Harnesing biofilms in bioelectrochemistry and bioremediation
  5. Polymicrobial biofilms
  6. Biofilm physiology and metabolism
  7. Biofilms in animal disease
  8. Biofilm transmission dynamics

University of Cambridge

For enquiries, please contact Martin Welch.


Paolo Bombelli, Department of Biochemistry
Pietro Cicuta, Department of Physics
Andrew Grant, Cambridge Infectious Diseases
Chris Howe, Synthetic Biology in Cambridge
Stephen Rowden, Department of Biochemistry
George Salmond, Cambridge Infectious Diseases
Martin Welch, Cambridge Infectious Diseases