University of Huddersfield

Research Areas & Focuses

  1. Biopolymer science
  2. EPS analysis and characterisation
  3. Probiotic evaluation (immunological)
  4. Biofilm cultivation and eradication
  5. Biofilm community analysis (metagenomics, metatranscriptomics)
  6. Environmental and extreme biofilms
  7. Interactions between biofilms and metals
  8. Wound healing (designing and evaluation of antimicrobial dressings)
  9. Clinical evaluation of biofilms in wounds
  10. Targeted drug delivery
  11. Biofilm imaging
  12. Antimicrobial health care materials
  13. Infection prevention
  14. Biocides, antiseptic and antibiotics (evaluation and delivery)

University of Huddersfield

For enquiries, please contact Alan Smith.


  • Rheology-Physical Analysis
  • Polysaccharide analysis pipeline (extraction, NMR, monomer and linkage analysis )
  • Biofilm/epithelial impacts (skin, GI tract, lung)
  • 3D skin models
  • Antibiofilm evaluation standard and bespoke methods (MBEC. CDC etc)
  • Biofilm micro-probing (pH, eH, O2 etc)
  • Biofilm cultivation including anaerobic systems
  • Biofilm visualisation (SEM, CLSM)
  • Advanced Imaging
  • Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Suite
  • Clinical Evaluation
  • Textile facilities


Andrew Collett, Biological and Geographical Sciences
Barbara Conway, Pharmacy
Parikshit Goswami, Chemical Sciences
Paul Humphreys, Biological and Geographical Sciences
Andy Laws, Chemical Sciences
Karen Ousey, Nursing and Midwifery
Emma Ransom-Jones, Biological and Geographical Sciences
Simon Rout, Biological and Geographical Sciences
Alan Smith, Pharmacy

Pitting corrosion generated by an SRB biofilm grown on 316 stainless steel

Depth profile of EPS components on an environmental biofilm (Pink – Cells & eDNA, Green – Protein, Yellow – Lipids, Red – Pyranosyl sugars, Blue – Polysaccharides)