University of Kent

Research Areas & Focuses

  1. Biofilm formation and treatment on medical implants
  2. Microbial and animal models of biofilm formation
  3. Antifouling polymer production and material testing
  4. Biofilm sensor development
  5. Biofilms as biotechnology platforms
  6. Biophysical properties of biofilms

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University of Kent

For enquiries, please contact Campbell Gourlay.


  • Microscopy and imaging
  • Biomolecular analysis
  • Sensor development and engineering
  • Polymer synthesis and material science
  • Production of High Value Compounds ​


John Batchelor, School of Engineering and Digital Arts
Marina Ezcurra, School of Biosciences
Campbell Gourlay, School of Biosciences
Simon Holder, School of Physical Sciences
Colin Robinson, School of Biosciences
Gary Robinson, School of Biosciences
Mark Shepherd, School of Biosciences
Tobias von der Haar, School of Biosciences