University of Leeds

Research Areas & Focuses

Schools of Dentistry and Medicine

  1. Formation and ecology of biofilms of dental and medical importance
  2. Antimicrobial agents and therapies to control biofilms of dental and medical importance
  3. Developing medical devices for healthcare applications
  4. Clinical trials and translational research – biofilm related diseases and medical devices

Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

  1. Microbubbles for the targeted destruction and delivery of drugs to biolfilms
  2. Raman Spectroscopy & Microscopy of Bacteria and Biofilms
  3. Mathematical modelling of biofilms

School of Design

  1. Development of Novel Fibrous Materials for Healthcare
  2. Development of Medical Devices for Healthcare Applications
  3. Engineering of Surface and Bulk Properties of Fibrous Materials

University of Leeds

For enquiries, please contact Deidre Devine.


  • School of Dentistry Division of Oral Biology (microbiology, materials, tissue engineering, biochemistry, biomineralisation, imaging)
  • Leeds Institute of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences
  • Leeds Dental Translational and Clinical Research Unit (DenTCRU)
  • Skeletal tissue bank
  • University of Leeds Next Generation Sequencing facility
  • Atomic Force Microscopy facility
  • Microbubble/Nanobubble production & characterisation
  • Targeting for biofilms
  • Ultrasound based disruption technology
  • Microfluidics
  • Combined Raman & Confocal Fluorescence Microscope
  • Combined Fluorescence & AFM
  • Clothworkers Centre for Textile Materials Innovation for Healthcare
  • 3D Weaving Innovation Centre for Structural Materials in Healthcare Applications
  • Nonwovens Centre for Innovative Materials
  • Nanofibre and Conventional Spinning of Fibres and Biomaterials


Akintunde Babatunde, School of Civil Engineering
Anthony Buckley, School of Medicine
Chris Carr, School of Design
Helen Chappell, School of Food Science and Nutrition
Caroline Chilton, School of Medicine
Robert Davies, School of Dentistry
Deirdre Devine, School of Dentistry
Thuy Do, School of Dentistry
Stephen Evans, School of Physics and Astronomy
Steven Freear, School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Francisco M. Goycoolea Valencia, School of Food Science and Nutrition
David Head, School of Computing
Oliver Hill, School of Food Science and Nutrition
Graeme Howling, School of Mechanical Engineering
Jing Kang, School of Dentistry
Gurmeet Kaur, School of Food Science and Nutrition
Philip Marsh, School of Dentistry
Josie Meade, School of Dentistry
Brian Nattress, School of Dentistry
Catherine Noakes, School of Civil Engineering
Alex O’Neill, School of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Sue Pavitt, School of Dentistry
Stephen Russell, School of Design
Suvro Saha, School of Food Science and Nutrition
Jonathan Sandoe, School of Medicine
Neil Thomson, School of Dentistry
Ana Tiganescu, School of Medicine
Giuseppe Tronci, School of Design
Mark Wilcox, School of Medicine
Christopher Wood, School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
David Wood, School of Dentistry
Simon Wood, School of Dentistry

DenTCRU (Dental Translational and Clinical Research Unit).