University of Southampton

Research Areas & Focuses

The University has a large and interdisciplinary group of biofilm academics and researchers who are conducting projects across a range of scales and fields of application, including the understanding of the molecular ecology and genetic make-up of biofilms; how biofilms interact within different environments and the development of new therapies that will overcome antibiotic tolerance caused by biofilms.


  1. Microbial biofilm development mechanisms and their control
  2. Adaptive biology and physiology of biofilms
  3. Signals and controls of biofilm dispersal (E.g. nitric oxide)
  4. Biofilm Microbial Ecology and Evolution
  5. Pathogen survival and detection e.g. e.g. Legionella, Helicobacter, E. coli O157, MRSA, C. difficile.
  6. Microbial intercations in multi-species communities
  7. Marine Pelagic Biofilms
  8. Biofilms in the environment, the built environment and clinical practice
  9. Surface contamination, and decontamination procedures
  10. Occurrence and horizontal gene transfer, e.g. AMR: carbapenemase and ESBL genes in soil microbiomes
  11. Marine Biofouling
  12. Biofilm regulatory environment

University of SOUTHAMPTON

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Biological Science’s facilities comprise of newly-built shared research space, with all the equipment and resources expected in a modern life science laboratory, together with independently managed research facilities. The shared laboratories contain individual research groups and common equipment areas housing tissue culture laboratories, electrophysiology facilities, a protein production laboratory, genomics equipment including real-time PCR, radiation laboratories and specialised research space for CL2 microbiology. We also have access to a range of facilities and expertise across the university and our partners including:



Shi-Qi An, Biological Sciences
Michael Ardern-Jones, Medicine
Bhavik Barochia, Biological Sciences
Jenny Baverstock, Biological Sciences
Tom Bibby, Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton
Jon Butement, Zepler Institute for Photonics and Nanoelectronics
Felino Cagampang, Medicine
Yuming Cai, Biological Sciences
Dario Carugo, Engineering
Myron Christodoulides, Medicine
Stuart Clarke, Medicine
Jack Craddock, Biological Sciences
Donna Davies, Medicine
Ratko Djukanovic, Medicine
Declan Doyle, Biological Sciences
Manon Duret, Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton
Rob Eason, Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton
Mandy Fader, Health Sciences
Saul Faust, Medicine
Martin Feelisch, Medicine
Diana Galpin, Medicine
Peter Glynne-Jones, Engineering
Sonia Heaven, Engineering
Marcela Hernandez-Garcia, Biological Sciences
Anna Hickman, Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton
Callum Highmore, Biological Sciences
Martyn Hill, Engineering
Ying Hu, Biological Sciences
Paul Hurley, Geography
Charles William Keevil, Biological Sciences
Syma Khalid, Chemistry
Min Kwan Kim, Engineering
Lex Kraaijeveld, Biological Sciences
Peter Lackie, Medicine
Phyllis Lam, Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton
Timothy G Leighton, Engineering
Georges Limbert, Engineering
Jane Lucas, Medicine
Margaret Macaulay, Health Sciences
Iain Michie, Medicine
Mark Moore, Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton
Hywel Morgan, Electronics and Computer Science
Ali Mosayy, Engineering
Matt Mowlem, Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton
Daniel Noel, Biological Sciences
Joe Parker, Biological Sciences
Sylvia Pender, Medicine
Guy Poppy, Biological Sciences
Declan Power, Biological Sciences
Jacqui Prieto, Health Sciences
Amelia Pullinger, Education
Anna Rattu, Biological Sciences
Robert Charles Read, Medicine
Peter Roach, Chemistry
Katherine Roe, Biological Sciences
Katie Roe, Biological Sciences
Tiina Roose, Engineering
Diogo Silva, Clinical and Experimental Sciences
Peter J S Smith, Biological Sciences
Collin Sones, Zepler Institute for Photonics and Nanoelectronics
Odel Soren, Biological Sciences
Paul Stoodley, Engineering
Eugen Stulz, Chemistry
Clint Styles, nC2 An Enterprise Consultancy Unit
Gail Taylor, Biological Sciences
Damon Teagle, Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton
Ivo Tews, Biological Sciences
Phuong Thuy Vu
Richard Watson, Electronics and Computer Science
Jeremy S Webb, Biological Sciences
Jake Weeks, Biological Sciences
Sandra A Wilks, Biological Sciences
Lorraine Williams, Biological Sciences
Jacob Willcox, Biological Sciences
Zhi-xiu Yan, Biological Sciences
Xunli Zhang, Engineering
Yue Zhang, Engineering

Scanning electron microscope image of a bacterial biofilm of Staphylococcus epidermidis (blue) growing on calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate void filler used in the treatment of orthopaedic infections. (Rob Howlin and Paul Stoodley)

SCLM 3D images of human oral salivary biofilms treated with a common antimicrobial verus control treatment. The treatment has a variable effect on the biofilm and results in high survival of the biofilm, shown by green (alive bacterial cells) and red (dead cells). (Jake Weeks).