University of Surrey

Research Areas & Focuses

  1. AMR development and transmission
  2. Biofilms on real surfaces (organic and inorganic)
  3. Biofilm control and intervention in disease
  4. Biofilm communites

University of Surrey

For enquiries, please contact Suzie Hingley-Wilson.


  • Single cell technologies
  • Synthetic biology laboratory
  • Category III laboratories


Winifred Akwani, Department of Microbial and Cellular Sciences
Claudio Avignone-Rossa, Department of Microbial Sciences
Helen Brown
Mark Chambers, School of Veterinary Medicine
Robert Dorey, Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences
Siddharth Gadkari, Department of Chemical and Process Engineering
Jorge Gutierrez-Merino, School of Biosciences and Medicine
Suzie Hingley-Wilson, School of Biosciences and Medicine
Jim Huggett, School of Biosciences and Medicine
Jose Jimenez, Synbio Lab
Roberto La-Ragione, School of Veterinary Medicine
Jennifer Ritchie, School of Biosciences and Medicine
Jhuma Sadhuhkan, Centre for Environment and Sustainability