SfAM International Applied Microbiology Conference 2021, 7-11 June 2021

Join the Society for Applied Microbiology (SfAM) from 7-11 June 2021 for the International Applied Microbiology Conference 2021 to make new connections, gain new skills and advance the science of applied microbiology!

Recognising, and adapting to a new era of microbiological challenges and anticipating solutions to future problems are the tenets of todays applied microbiologist.

Many of us are researching ways to improve human health by discovering new treatments and novel ways of making chemicals and medicines. Others are investigating safe, secure and sustainable food production; ways to protect our environment and provide safe drinking water whilst at the same time, promoting the one health approach. The list goes on.


International Applied Microbiology Conference

Microbiology is more than just a day job: we are all seeking to understand how biological processes work in our tiny friends and then hone our skills to achieve the impossible with the invisible.

Collaboration is key to our discipline and this collaboration, like the microbes themselves, cannot recognise geographical boundaries. They must cross continents, languages and many other barriers in order to have real global impact.

The SfAM International Applied Microbiology Conference aims to contribute to this new era of collaboration and communication. It has been organised by a group of international scientists for a global audience and in its free-to-all and virtual form, enables collaboration and attendance like no other SfAM event.

This event is CPD certified, and attendees will recieve a certificate via email after the event. You must book and attend at least one of the workshop/panel sessions throughout the conference to obtain your certificate.

Visit the SfAM website to register and to view the event programme.