Symrise Webinar: Microbiome & Sensitive Skin, 11th June 2020

INSPIRING INNOVATION: Microbiome & Sensitive Skin


Start date: 11 June 2020

Start time: 11:00 AM EDT

Duration: 60 Minutes

With over half of global consumers believing they have sensitive skin, skin soothing continues to play a vital role in personal care products. There are many symptoms of skin sensitivity, including redness, itching, burning and overall discomfort. In this webinar, Symrise will delve into the different triggers that cause sensitive skin and discuss solutions to help mitigate these reactions. We will also explore how the microbiome is influencing skin and why the symbiosis of skin cells and the microbiome is important for healthy skin.




Imke Meyer Vice President Global Innovation, Cosmetic Ingredients, Symrise

Susan Sperring Senior Technical Manager, Cosmetic Ingredients, Symrise

Jennifer King Senior Marketing Manager, Cosmetic Ingredients, Symrise