UPDATE: University of Oxford Microbiome AIMday, 1st July 2020

The University of Oxford is now going virtual, hosting their microbiome AIMday event on Wednesday 1st July 2020.

This event is only open to academics and clinicians affiliated with the University of Oxford/Oxford University Hospitals.

The AIMday series of events provide a low barrier route, particularly for SMEs, to engage with a wide range of academics at the University.  The AIMday will bring together academic and clinical excellence from across the University of Oxford together with industry to help answer the most pressing challenges in the microbiome sector. This event is open to all companies working in this area, both large and small.

There will be a short series of talks, including Professor Fiona Powrie (Director of the Centre for Microbiome Studies, University of Oxford), Dr Andre Morgan (Chair of the KTN Microbiome Special Interest Group) and a representative from the BBSRC.

An Academic Industry Meeting Day (AIMday) is an innovative networking event that allows external organisations to set the agenda and gain academic perspective into industry challenges. The AIMday format allows industry to propose topics for one-hour roundtable discussions. These sessions are then led by a representative from the proposing company, and attended by a small group of highly relevant academics selectively invited from Oxford. This gives industry partners and researchers the assurance that the topics addressed will be of genuine interest, while also providing the opportunity to gain fresh insights, meet potential collaborators, and grow a network.

Registration will close on Friday 22 May 2020.

For more information and to register visit the AIMday website.