Watch: NBIC PhD/Postdoc Talk – Utilising Metagenomics in Early to Late-Stage R&D

Our new series of webinar talks will feature speakers from across industry and academia aimed primarily at PhD and postdoctoral researchers in our partner universities and networks.

‘Utilising Metagenomics in Early to Late-Stage R&D’ with Jennifer Mackay and Dana Walsh of CosmosID was the first in this new series of talks and was targeted at those interested in learning more about metagenomics workflows, the challenges involved and those things that need to be controlled to provide a quality outcome. For the first part of the webinar Jennifer looked at metagenomics workflows and provided an introduction to CosmosID. In the second part of the webinar Dana presented data showcasing analysis techniques for microbiome research. You can watch the full webinar and download the presentation below. 

Watch the webinar

Jennifer Mackay – Business Development at CosmosID

Dana Walsh – Microbiome Scientist at CosmosID

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