Watch: Microbes and Biofilms in the Food Industry Webinar

Our joint webinar with the Society for Applied Microbiology was designed for anyone working in either the production of food or researching/controlling the role microbes and biofilms play in the whole food chain.

The webinar featured talks from industry professionals and academics discussing the challenges facing the food industry in managing microbes and biofilms and the evolving regulatory context of achieving microbial control using interventional approaches.

All talks from the webinar are available to watch on this page. 

Food Hygiene Biocides – Regulation and Reality

Karin Goodburn MBE, Director General, Chilled Food Association

Drawing back the veil: a metagenomic study of species diversity in UK food industry biofilms

Rob Limburn, Heat Resistance & Decontamination Group Manager, Campden BRI

Control of Listeria and Salmonella ‘biofilms’ in the Food Chain

Dr John Holah, Principal Corporate Scientist: Food Safety & Public Health, Kersia

Food and the microbiome; from farm to colon

Prof Colin Hill, Principal Investigator, APC Microbiome

CIELS engagement in microbial control within the food supply chain

Lyndsay Chapman, CEO, Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL)

Beware of Dry surface biofilms: implications for the food processing environment

Prof Jean-Yves Maillard, Professor of Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Cardiff University 

Cold plasma as a novel nonthermal control process for foodborne pathogen biofilms

Dr Brendan Niemira, Research Leader, USDA Agricultural Research Service

Evaluation of the effect of Chlorine Dioxide gas and a liquid probiotic application on hydrated and dehydrated biofilms

Dr Michele Sayles, Executive Director, Food Safety & Quality, Diamond Pet Food   

US EPA regulatory guidance: the path to anti-biofilm products in the marketplace

Darla Goeres, Research Professor of Regulatory Science, Center For Biofilm Engineering