Watch: YMS2020 Doc and Special Lectures

NBIC is proud to have supported this year’s Young Microbiologists Symposium (YMS2020) with the theme ‘Microbe signalling, organisation and pathogenesis’. Due to the global pandemic, the meeting was held as a virtual event on 26-27 August.

The Young Microbiologists Symposium (YMS) is all about bringing together graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and new investigators to discuss their current research. Running for over a decade, the bi-annual symposium provides an excellent opportunity for junior scientists to present their work and receive constructive feedback, to network with others in the field, and to facilitate future collaborations. This year marked the 6th symposium and was hosted by the University of Southampton.

To find out more about YMS2020 and its impact, read NBIC Senior Research Fellow, Shi-Qi An’s blog entry for the #FEMSmicroBlog.  

Watch the YMS2020 doc – ‘Inspiring the next generation of scientists…online’.


Watch three of the Special Lectures from YMS2020


Professor Zheng Zhang (Southern University of Science and Technology, CN)

“Immunopathogenesis and antibody responses elicited by SARS-CoV-2 infection”

Professor Mark Golmesky (University of Wyoming, US)

“Bacterial signalling modules for biomedical applications”

Professor Marvin Whiteley (Georgia Institute of Technology, US) 

“Quantifying the accuracy of infection models: From function to biogeography”