Watch: Women’s Health and Feminine Care Webinar

The joint ‘Women’s Health and Feminine Care’ webinar from NBIC and Cosmetics Cluster UK (CCUK) brought together both academic and industry expertise and took a broad approach to research and development in skin and vaginal health and through life stages with a particular focus on non-invasive sampling methods and pre-clinical models. 

This webinar focused on the latest research and innovation as well as market trends, consumer needs and new technology solutions in the popular subject of women’s health. The first part of the webinar featured speakers from industry and academia and the second part included an expert panel discussion to address questions such as, what is important to a start up? what is new in the market? what are the current opportunities and biggest technical challenges? and does a company manufacturing probiotic products need a diagnostic test? NBIC Senior Innovation Consultant, Dr Katerina Steventon said, 

“At NBIC, our goal is to translate academic research and promote excellence in science in microbiome/biofilm R&D in personal care. This is our third webinar in collaboration with the CCUK, and having focused on the rising appeal of women’s health and feminine care across the lifespan in research and changing consumer attitudes, the event presented the industry with a number of exciting ideas and opportunities for innovation”.

All talks are available to watch on this page. Slides from four of the presentations are also available to download below.


Rachel Grabenhofer, Managing Scientific Editor, Cosmetics & Toiletries.

Dr Gill Westgate, Business Development Manager, University of Bradford.

Kelly Moffat, Director of Microbiome Health, Cosmos ID.

Dr Marnie Peterson, Chief Scientific Officer and US Managing Director, Perfectus Biomed.

Dr David Caballero-Lima, Head of R&D, Labskin.

Professor Julie Thornton, Director of the Centre for Skin Sciences, University of Bradford.

Expert Panel Session:

  • Dr Chiara Heide, BrightCure.
  • Dr Oliver Worsley, Sequential Skin.
  • Dr Ryan Kean, Glasgow Caledonian University.